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Street train Nätti-Jussi runs again in Rovaniemi

6/27/2017 7:00 AM

Nääti-Jussi-2.jpgFun train Nätti-Jussi in Rovaniemi.
The miniature street train Nätti-Jussi has returned again to Rovaniemi like every year to help people and tourists sightsee while revelling in the sweetness of Arctic summer.

The toy-like Nätti-Jussi starts at 11:00am, 2:00pm and 5:00pm every day from the city’s Koskenranta area and plies around the city via some important tourist attractions.

The first stop is at the cross-section of Koskikatu and Korkalonkatu, in front of Osuuspankki, near the Hotel Santa Claus. From there onwards, the riders are able to see some top tourist attractions of Rovaniemi, such as the beautiful riverside, churches, shopping malls, the City Hall, the City Library, the Korundi House, Arktikum, and Pilke Science Centre, in addition to the beauty of Arctic summer. In total a trip takes only 35 minutes.
The train which resumed its fun run on June 18 will continue till August 19, said operator of the train.

The service, however, will remain closed every Sunday as well as when the temperature goes below (minus) 10 degrees Celsius.

“On an average 55 people ride the train a day, if the weather permits”, said Matti Lumijärvi, the famous owner cum driver of the train. The train has the capacity to carry 36 passengers. He said the train would run even if only four passengers are onboard.

The train service is also open for private reservations based on negotiations, said Lumijärvi, adding that a significant number of local tourists, particularly parents with children, like to ride in his train.

He sees people’s response to his mini-train service as awesome, as it is getting more and more popular among both the local and the foreign tourists.

In addition to seeing the prime tourist points in Rovaniemi, the children enjoy the journey by the small, toy-like train itself, remarked a passenger who was riding in Nätti-Jussi with her two children.

Launched in 2002, Nätti-Jussi had run in Rovaniemi every summer till 2011. The service resumed in 2014 after a three-year break.

Another passenger said she learned about the train online and since had been waiting for a chance to experience the ride. It has been total fun, she exclaimed and laughed.

A ride costs an adult eight euros and only half of that for a child under 12.

City Rovaniemi-Daily Finland Report