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Rovaniemi moves to improve transport system

2/6/2017 10:00 AM


A holistic planning is underway to improve the City of Rovaniemi’s transportation system, particularly to and from Ounasrinteentie and Hiihtomajantie areas.

The plan forecast which extends beyond 2035 will improve functioning of the transportation system.

Especially, commuting in the morning and after the work causes congestion along Jäämerentie, Kajaanintie and Porokatu, observed the authorities. On the other hand, a huge number of Urheiluopisto (Sports Academy) and sports services users at Ounasvaara in the evening hours cram the intersections.

“By developing the Urheiluopisto area, the number of users will continue to grow. Expansion projects of the Central Hospital and tourism services construction projects at Ounasvaara are also to be launched in the near future,” the head of planning, Aku Raappana told the local media.

According to Raappana, street and road network will be developed so that transport functionality can be developed in the short term. In the initial stage, the City of Rovaniemi will be improving Ounasrinteentie and Hiihtomajantie road systems.

As per the planning, a lane turning towards right along Hiihtomajantie when coming from the Sports Academy towards Ounasrinteentie will be constructed. An additional lane between Ounasrinteentie and Hiihtomajantie-Kajaanintie will be laid. The phasing of traffic lights at the Ounasrinteentie and Kajaanintie will also be examined.

The measures will ease traffic coming from Ounasrinteentie and the Sports Academy. The designing regarding these measures has already been started.

In connection with Valioranta zoning, an additional lane reaching Jäämerentie from the north main road will be constructed. The phasing of the traffic lights had already been changed in order to improve the functioning of this interface.

A lane turning from right on the entrance connection from Lappi Areena towards Ounasrinteentie, together with a diversion towards Ounasrinteentie, is being planned to be constructed.

The measures will make it possible to turn towards Lappi Areena from the direction coming from the city, too, and will improve the accessibility of the Sports Academy and Lappi Areena.

According to Raappana, the planning and implementation is linked to the development of Lappi Areena parking area.

A turn to the right while making a turn along Kajaanintie is being planned at Porokatu. At the same time, the Poropolku junction will be closed while a diversion will be constructed along Kajaanintie. The arrangement will improve road safety and public transport functionality coming from Porokatu.

The City of Rovaniemi is planning to launch a report together with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-Centre) in regards to Kajaanintie. If implemented, these arrangements will safeguard road traffic operation well into the future.