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Rovaniemi aims at boosting summer tourism

6/19/2017 3:03 PM

Most visitors come to Rovaniemi in the winter, but Lappish summer is very special, as well. ​“It always amazes me to see the sun shining at night and even the midnight being sunny”, said an Indian tourist who was visiting Rovaniemi with his family.

mountain-biking-midnight-su.jpgMountain biking under the midnight sun is one of the many activities Rovaniemi has to offer in the summer. Photo: Visit Rovaniemi.

Rovaniemi has taken a number of initiatives aimed at attracting foreign tourists in order to boost the summer tourism market in the city.

In the recent years the city of Rovaniemi has witnessed a boom in winter tourism, but, in comparison, tourism in summertime is yet to post any significant rise. This is prompting the city authorities, tourism operators and policymakers to devise a plan and undertake projects to promote, in particular, the Lappish summer among the international tourists.

“We are promoting Rovaniemi for summer tourists in Europe and overseas, in China and Asia. For us it is of high importance to operate travel business throughout the year that would help us get new investments in the area, create jobs, and tourism revenue for the city”, Visit Rovaniemi Managing Director Sanna Kärkkäinen said.

The local tourist board of Rovaniemi region, Visit Rovaniemi, is now entirely focused on summer tourism market.

“Together with tourism businesses, we have been developing the programme services to match better the needs of our global travellers for summer. That development goes for all the markers (European, Asian). There is a growing interest now in summer tourism in Lapland and we are very happy for that”, Kärkkäinen said with much confidence.

 Last year, the number of overnight stays in the accommodation facilities in Rovaniemi was highest in December and lowest in May. The busiest summer month was July. However, winter with its snow and ice, winter sports and events, as well as Christmas and Santa Claus woe tourists almost double the number of those who come to enjoy summer in Lapland and watch its magical nightless nights.

Those who have visited Rovaniemi in the summer, know why Lappish summer is so special. 

 “It always amazes me to see the sun shining at night and even the midnight being sunny”, said an Indian tourist who was visiting Rovaniemi with his family, adding that such a phenomenon could never be imagined in his region.

 A Chinese tourist said she visited Rovaniemi in winter as well as summer and every season has its special natural charms and beauty.

 Finland expects summer tourism to thrive very soon, said Visit Finland sources based on a recent survey report. Foreign tour operators also predict that the number tourists from abroad will increase by 5–10 per cent, which would have a positive impact on tourism in Rovaniemi.

According to Sanna Kärkkäinen, Rovaniemi is definitely a key player in tourism in Finland as well as the Nordic countries and will continue to develop the tourism onto the next level.

A list of things that you can do in Rovaniemi in 1–4 days in summer is available here.  

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