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Rovaniemi Prisma to get new look and wider space

7/10/2017 10:24 AM

Hypermarket Prisma Rovaniemi is set for expansion and renovation resulting in a new look by the end of next year.

 The work begins with excavation at the Prisma site in July and is scheduled to be finished by Christmas 2018. The cost of the refurbishing and expansion is estimated to be around 20 million euro.

 The renovation work on the Prisma site will begin in July with land development. The work will be carried out in stages so as to avoid compromising the services. Changes inside the store will become visible at the turn of the year, said Osuuskauppa Arina Head of Marketing Maria Ylitapio.

 Ympyrä-Prisma, i.e. Circle-Prisma, attracted a lot of attention during it’s opening in Rovaniemi 1994. The peculiar structure made up of several circles to build the store proved to be very functional and interesting to the customers. The last major renovation and extension work of the hypermarket was carried out in 2003, and now the centre will get a fresh new shopping environment and better services to meet the evolving needs of the customers in Lapland, Ylitapio said.

 In terms of grocery shopping, there will be close to 1,000 square meters of more shopping space and more options. Also, the new Prisma will have new restaurants and a hairdressing and beauty salon. 

 “All sections inside the store as well as the surrounding commercial area on the premises will be transformed with new tenants. Outside, there will be new space for parking and car wash”, Ylitapio added.  

The challenging parking situation the market faces now will be addressed by doubling the number of parking slots. 

 With the renovation, the energy efficiency of the Prismakeskus will be significantly improved. The building will become one of the first large-scale hypermarkets to completely abandon the use of refrigerants that are harmful to the environment, both in refrigeration equipment as well as cooling the building. By integrating a carbon system based on carbon dioxide technology, the need for purchasing energy in the property will be reduced and the total energy consumption of the property will fall considerably, Ylitapio explained.

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