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Rovaniemi Community College tops in Finland

5/29/2017 10:34 AM

A total of 3600 students are studying music, handicrafts, dance and sports at the college.

rehtorikäs.jpg"We are proud to be selected as the best institution", says rector Riitta Pietarila.

The Rovaniemi City Community College (Rovaniemen kaupungin kansalaisopisto) has been adjudged as the country’s best college for 2017.

 The trade union of education in Finland (OAJ) which selects the best academic institution every year, handed over the College of the Year 2017 to the authorities of the institution last week.

 “It is for the first time that the recognition of the College of the Year comes to Rovaniemi and we are proud to be selected as the best institution by the OAJ”, Rector Riitta Pietarila of the college said.

 The rector appreciated the roles played by all members of the institution’s faculty and staff, saying it is the result of the hard work by the teachers round the year.

 She said the teachers teach the students coming from of all age groups – from children to the elderly (from six years to 87 years) – at the 40 branches of the college. “This recognition will encourage us more,” Pietarila added.

 At present, a total of 3600 students are studying music, handicrafts, dance and sports at the college.

 Pietarila said the teachers working at the college have to move around driving hundreds of kilometres from one branch to another on the same day. For that they are required to organise their own work, independent working skills and driving licences.

 In particular, teachers who are teaching handicrafts often have to carry tools and materials to different locations.

 The headquarters of the Rovaniemi City Community College is staffed by the rector, Music Teacher Toni Jaatinen, Textiles Teacher Päivi Korteniemi, Technical Teacher Simo Naalisvaara, and Office Secretary Mirva Sunila, along with 60–70 part-time faculty members who work on hourly basis every year.

 The college works in close cooperation with different organisations in the city, such as the Musical and Visual Arts School, sports and cultural organisations, as well as the business community and other training organisers.

 Activities are planned annually with residents and partners. The school strives to respond to customers’ wishes according to resources.

 In music, individual and group lessons, bands, and choirs comprise one-third of the lessons. The college offers basic art education to children in music, visual arts, and crafts at school days at various schools.

 The authorities said now they are restructuring their work design, considering the budget which limits the move to introduce new courses.

 City Rovaniemi-Daily Finland Report