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Registered overnight stays increased by 38.7 per cent in Rovaniemi

1/24/2017 1:00 PM

Accommodation preliminary statistics are to be completed on November. In November 2016 overnights are in Rovaniemi 43 000 nights, of which 21 000 Finns and 22 000 foreigners. Total number of nights spent increased by 38.7 percent compared to November of the previous year.

Tuula Rintala-Gardin, Head of International Affairs, says “according to statistics already reproduce the information this winter season are splendid and she predict that in 2016 the Rovaniemi tourism for the first time exceeded half a million registered overnight limit.

Finns' overnight stays increased by 6.3 per cent and foreigners increased by 93.6 per cent. Registered in accommodation establishments arrived 23 000 visitors, when an increase of 39.4 percent from the las year. Finnish turnout of 12 000 (+ 11.4%) and foreign 11 000 (95.0%).

Property Sales rose 57.9 percent in Rovaniemi, and was 2.34 million. Overnights 27 000 were leisure travelers and 15 000 by commuters. The average price of overnight stays in November 2016 amounted to EUR 54.7 (+ 13.8%).

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