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Independence centenary celebrations begin in Rovaniemi

1/9/2017 8:00 AM


The City of Rovaniemi started celebrating the centenary of Independence of Finland through opening an art exhibition and holding a musical performance and a fire art show on January 6.

The City of Rovaniemi and the Regional Council of Lapland together with the Finnish National Gallery and the Finland 100 organised the inauguration of the jubilee in the Korundi House of Culture on Friday evening.

As part of the inaugural ceremonies, Ateneum Museum Director Susanna Pettersson and Rovaniemi City Mayor Esko Lotvonen launched the exhibition ‘Suomen Taiteen Tarina- Ateneumin Kiertävä Kokoelma’ (Stories of Finnish Art - the Ateneum Collection on Tour) attended by several hundred residents of the city.

“I welcome all of you to celebrate the opening ceremony of the 100 years of our Independence,” Mayor Lotvonen said, while inaugurating the exhibition, adding that it is the first celebration of the Independence centenary outside the capital city, Helsinki.

He said most of the paintings in the exhibition were created by famous artists of the country.

Pettersson in her speech pointed out various aspects of the exhibition and presented a description of the artworks included in it.

The exhibition is curated from the Ateneum Art Museum’s collection that celebrates the centenary of Finnish Independence and covers the development of Finnish art from the time of the Grand Duchy to the 1960s. It highlights the historical changes that have taken place in that period in art in Finland and across the globe.

The show is organised around themes that shed light on landscape painting, portraiture and important movements such as symbolism, as well as on the impact of artworks of Finnish artists.

The exhibition will travel from Rovaniemi to the Oulu Museum of Art from May 13 to September 17, 2017 and then to the Kuopio Art Museum from October 6, 2017 to February 28, 2018.

The opening ceremonies of the Independence centenary also included a fire art show by Sirkus Taika-Aika outside the Korundi House and ended in a musical performance by the Lapland Chamber Orchestra.
“We have started the celebration of the centenary of our Independence here in Rovaniemi from today through these programmes,” said Rovaniemi City Corporation’s Director of Culture and Youth and Sports Merja Tervo to the Finnish News Network.

She said Rovaniemi and its citizens are happy to be part of the first celebrations of the Independence centenary programmes outside of Helsinki.

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