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Hotel complex planned for prime location in Rovaniemi – the City is searching for implementers

4/6/2017 12:00 PM

Rovaniemi is a developing city of more than 62 000 residents, where anything arctic is seen as an opportunity. A multicultural and internationally known city, Rovaniemi is the hometown of Santa Claus and a centre of tourism and expertise. Rovaniemi is visited by nearly half a million tourists each year and, as an international travel destination in Finland, it is second only to the Helsinki capital region. The Valionranta area is well situated on the shore of Kemijoki river, close to the centre of Rovaniemi. The City of Rovaniemi is searching for teams to design a hotel concept for the area.

Valionranta (3).jpg

The City of Rovaniemi is searching for an implementer for a hotel complex for the Valionranta area, which is a key component in city’s landscape. The City has issued an open call for teams comprising a developer, an architect and a hotel operator, to be responsible for creating a land use plan and implementing a construction project.

Valionranta_suunnittelualue.jpgThe land use plan for the area will be created through a partnership-based planning process. In the first stage, the Rovaniemi City Board will select three teams to act as partners in the Valionranta planning process. Each team will draw up a framework scheme that will be used to prepare the preliminary plans. One plan will be selected from among the preliminary plans in accordance with the planning process. The winning plan proposal will be used to prepare the final plan. The team that created the winning proposal will be provided with an opportunity to make plot reservations.

The City Board selects the partners on the basis of scoring and an evaluation.

The City of Rovaniemi has also invited the city residents to present their ideas for the hotel concept. In total, 244 responses were received by the deadline of 22 February 2017. The responses are included in the materials delivered to the teams.

The call for teams for the land use planning partnership will be open in the Hilma notification service until 3 pm on 30 May 2017.

Valionranta is a wonderful opportunity

Historically and in terms of the local cityscape, the Valionranta design competition area is a key component of Rovaniemi’s riverside landscape. On the opposite side of Kemijoki river lies the main area of the city centre. Together, these two shore areas form a scenic entity, bordered by bridges.

The design competition area is located on the shore and bordered by railway tracks, bridges, the Kemijoki river, the Ounasvaara hill and the Arctic Ocean Highway.

– The partnership process is intended to be used to create an area of tourism services that is designed and built to the highest standard where account is taken of the growing significance of tourism and the importance of the design competition area to the local cityscape, says Mayor Esko Lotvonen.

Final master plan for Valionranta-Koskenranta

For further information, please contact:

Esko Lotvonen, Mayor, esko.lotvonen(at)rovaniemi.fi, tel. +358(0)400 231 096
Tarja Outila, City Architect, tarja.outila(at)rovaniemi.fi, tel. +358(0)40 701 2435