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Cruise on Ounasjoki and Kemijoki in vogue during summer

6/27/2017 7:00 AM

Cruise-1.jpgCruise vessel Kemijoen Helmi at the Lainaanranta area in Rovaniemi.
River cruise on the Ounasjoki and the Kemijoki that snake around Rovaniemi has become a vogue amidst the tourists as well as the locals of Rovaniemi in this upbeat summer.

Arctic Lifestyle, a Rovaniemi-based tour operator, has launched a luxurious river cruise service with its recently purchased vessel the M/S Kemijoen Helmi. Previously Jukka and Tuula Alapirtti had operated it under the name M/S Kemijoen for four years.

“Arctic Lifestyle bought the vessel this year and from June 14 we have started the cruise service with the ship based in the city’s Lainaanranta area”, the boat's Captain Heikki Laakso told the Daily Finland, adding that he has been operating the vessel for more than four years now.

He said the boat with a 99-passenger capacity saw 60 passengers on the service opening day and the flow of passengers ranged between 20 and 60 during the first week.

The normal fare is EUR 20 for an adult and EUR 10 for a child. However, Arctic Lifestyle has offered a special discount on that for the locals for this June and July.

"We run the vessel for two hours, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, every weekday, while extra cruises can be arranged for the weekend”, said the captain.

People also have the option to hire the boat for the whole day or a specific period of time individually or in group, he said.

The captain, however, bluntly added that the number of trips depends on the weather and the number of passengers.

A cruise on the rivers always gives extra entertainment and rejuvenation to the passengers, especially the tourists. It is the perfect way to get to know the city. Not only does it weave visitors through the heart of Rovaniemi, it comes complete with on-the-board entertainment and catering, said the boat captain.

Another tour operator, Lapland Safaris, also organises cruises by a traditional river boat along the Kemijoki and the Ounasjoki.

Lapland Safaris started the service on June 1 and will continue with it until August 31, the company sources said.

A ticket for the 45-minute trip costs EUR 41 for an adult and half of that amount for a child.

Those who have taken either of the cruises said the blue Kemijoki presents such a pleasant scenario on both the sides that it prompted them to visit the city again and again.

The vessel authorities also offer live band music, stand-up comic, ferry swaying dance steps, and the underlying pace of change as an extra attraction of the cruise.

Terming the river cruise one of the best experiences during a trip to Rovaniemi, a Japanese tourist said it was a unique and absolutely memorable experience to watch the beauty of the city from a boat.

The boats stay moored at Valtakatu and Koskikatu from where they could be booked for a regular or chartered ride.

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