Local public transport tickets, ticket types and ticket sale

A city ticket (taajamalippu) allows for an unlimited number of journeys over a 30-day period within the urban area.    
A regional ticket (seutulippu) allows for an unlimited number of journeys over a 30-day period within the entire administrative area of Rovaniemi.
A 44-trip yearly ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
A 22-trip yearly ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase

Tickets and prices
Adult single tickets can be bought, and be loaded electronically into the Rovaniemi card.  

Ticket types  17 years or over 12 – 16 years 4 – 16 years (*)
City ticket 52 € 40 € 26 €
Regional ticket 59 € 59 €   59 € 
44-trip yearly ticket from 91,80 €   from 91,80 €   from 61,20 €  
22-trip yearly ticket from 58 € from 58 € from 34,10 €
Single-trip ticket from 3,10 € from 3,10 € from 1,60 €
Change ticket   from 3,40 € from 3,40 € from 1,70 €

Sunday supplementary charge 50 cents.
(*) A child under seven years of age may travel free-of-charge with an adult travelling on a city ticket.  

Change ticket

A passenger has a right to continue/change her/his journey free-of-charge on a another local bus within one hour after buying a change ticket from the first bus. The right to change buses concerns only journeys (both two parts) made on local buses and lines while the bus change is made from line to another in the city centre bus stops (the area bordered by the railway, 4-road and the river).

Baby carriages (prams) and pushchairs are free-of-charge.

City and regional tickets are personal. Be prepared to show your ID.

Student discount
Students over the age of 17 can buy city ticket for the price of 40 €.    

Student discount is granted with following conditions:
- The student must be registered in the city of Rovaniemi by the last day of the previous year, or she/he has to be a foreign exchange student.
 - A new student starting her/his studies during autumn is granted a discount up to the end of the year (during autumn: has to present a school given certificate about started studies).
- Student has to study at the Lapland University, the Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, the Lapland Vocational College or an upper secondary school.
- Studies must be full-time and lead to a degree/examination.
- When purchasing the first ticket from Matkahuolto or Osviitta Service Centre, student has to prove that she/he is a resident of Rovaniemi - or that she/he has a foreign nationality - and also has to present a studying place certificate given by the school. 
- To be a resident of Rovaniemi is proven: 
  * by a certificate of domicile dated the last day of the previous year (issued by the City Administrative Court, (Maistraatti) add. Hallituskatu 5 C, 96101 Rovaniemi, tel. +358 (0)71 876 0261, fax +358 (0)71 876 1229 
  * by a statement issued by the Tax office about grounds for withholdings during current year or
   * by a current  tax card.
 Foreign nationality is proven by showing a passport. 

When loading the Rovaniemi card monthly, student has to be prepared to prove her/his ID and to present a student certificate.  

Places for ticket sale: 
- Oy Matkahuolto Ab, Lapinkävijäntie 2
Osviitta Service Centre, City of Rovaniemi, Hallituskatu 7
- In buses (single tickets, loading city tickets, regional tickets and ticket sets)
- In addition: at the Regional Library of Lapland (Jorma Eton tie 6) can city tickets, regional tickets and ticket sets be bought and loaded 

Please note: Local public transport tickets, ticket types and ticket sale-information has been updated 17th August 2011.