Local public transport

Timetables for local public transport are available from the  at the bus station, from the general service desk at OSVIITTA and from local buses themselves. Be also aware in case of less departures on weekends. You can get a route map from the general service desk at Osviitta. Most of the busses depart every hour, during rushhours (during morning and late afternoon) every 30 minutes.  

Here is a short listing of  interesting and useful destinations with related bus line numbers:

Line 8 takes you to the ARCTIC CIRCLE (Napapiiri) and SANTAPARK
Lines 2, 4, 10 or 14 take you to the LAPLAND UNIVERSITY (Lapin yliopisto) and UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCIES (Rovaniemen ammattikorkeakoulu)
Line 8 takes you to the RAILWAY STATION (Rautatieasema)
Lines 3, 5,or 12 take you to the CENTRAL HOSPITAL (Lapin keskussairala, LKS)
Line 1A  takes you to the OUNASVAARA DOWN HILL CENTER (Hiihtokeskus)




Local traffic Trip Planner
Local traffic Trip Planner
gives You advice
on the best public transport
connection to your destination
within city traffic