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Rovaniemi aims at boosting summer tourism


Most visitors come to Rovaniemi in the winter, but Lappish summer is very special, as well. ​“It always amazes me to see the sun shining at night and even the midnight being sunny”, said an Indian tourist who was visiting Rovaniemi with his family.


Midsummer celebration at Ounaskoski beach and park area – welcome!


Midsummer is the highlight of Finnish summer commonly celebrated at summerhouses with friends and family, but also at festivals and other events. To commemorate Finland’s 100th anniversary, a Midsummer celebration will be organised on the bank of river Kemijoki in central Rovaniemi, where locals and visiting travellers gather together to enjoy music, dance and summer activities that include learning the tango and bathing in a floating sauna.


Rovaniemi Marathon attracts runners from home and abroad


Last year about 700 runners from 17 countries joined the event. The organisers are expecting at least the same amount of participants this year.


Rovaniemi gets enormous media attention – a rare view of an invisible mover and shaker


Salla Tauriainen plays a significant role in how Rovaniemi is portrayed in the world's media.

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Hotel complex planned for prime location in Rovaniemi – the City is searching for implementers


Rovaniemi is a developing city of more than 62 000 residents, where anything arctic is seen as an opportunity. A multicultural and internationally known city, Rovaniemi is the hometown of Santa Claus and a centre of tourism and expertise. Rovaniemi is visited by nearly half a million tourists each year and, as an international travel destination in Finland, it is second only to the Helsinki capital region. The Valionranta area is well situated on the shore of Kemijoki river, close to the centre of Rovaniemi. The City of Rovaniemi is searching for teams to design a hotel concept for the area.


The President’s Internationalisation Award for the City of Rovaniemi and Visit Rovaniemi: “Tourism is our success story”


The City of Rovaniemi and Visit Rovaniemi have won the President’s Internationalisation Award for their long-term cooperation.

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