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The Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic

European Union Arctic Information Centre initiative is the international network of 19 leading Arctic research and outreach institutions from the various European Union Members States, and the EEA countries.


ArcticFinland is your portal to Finnish Arctic politics, discussion, research and economy. The contents of our English version are still under construction.

EU strategy for the Arctic

Finland´s Artic Region objectives
The Finnish Government recently adopted a new Arctic strategy, based on the following vision: “Finland is an active Arctic actor with the ability to reconcile the limitations imposed by the Arctic environment with the related business opportunities. It can do so in a sustainable manner, based on international cooperation. Finland´s Strategy for the Arctic Region defines objectives for Finland´s Arctic policy and means for advancing these objectives nationally and in various international and regional forums, within the European Union, in Nordic cooperation and bilateral relations.

Region of Lapland

Lapland is spiritually, geographically and in its actions above ordinary.

Lapland is a safe and healthy living environment for growth and development. You can live and work in the region and be in the heart of nature at the same time. In Lapland the pieces of life fall into place.

Lapland.fi is a good place to start your exploration of the Lappish way of life.

More about Arctic Policies

In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process conference

The “In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process – Connecting Local and Global” conference will take place in 24-26 November 2015 in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. conference in 2015 will continue the discussion on the latest developments in the Arctic with focus on both the global developments and their consequences on the local level, as well as the interaction of the global, regional and local levels in the Arctic.

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In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process

Integration Programme

Integration represents interactive learning, the acquisition of knowledge and the formation of a specific attitude. Integration measures are being implemented in all city services. They are resourced in the city’s budget and are included within service orders. Good ethnic relations and equality are at the hub of all the city’s operations.